Digital Citizenship in Schools, Second Edition

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Publish Date: 02 November 2011

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Updated to reflect the refreshed NETS•S, this bestselling book is a must for all educators as they lead students through the digital environments that are a part of their everyday lives.

Today, billions of people all over the planet interact using various technologies. This interaction has created a digital society that affords its members opportunities for education, employment, entertainment and social interaction. As in any society, it is expected that digital citizens act in a certain way - according to accepted norms, rules and laws. Most of today’s students are entirely comfortable with technology, but are they using it appropriately? Do they understand their roles and responsibilities in digital society? How can teachers help students become responsible digital citizens?

Digital Citizenship in Schools, Second Edition is an essential introduction to digital citizenship. Starting with a basic definition of the concept and an explanation of its relevance and importance, author Mike Ribble goes on to explore the nine elements of digital citizenship. He provides a useful audit and professional development activities to help educators determine how to go about integrating digital citizenship concepts into the classroom. Activity ideas and lesson plans round out this timely book.

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