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Differentiation That Really Works: Maths

Author: Cheryll Adams, Rebecca Pierce

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ISBN: 9781760019457

No of Pages: 182

Publish date: 08/06/2016

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Differentiating requires more than just a simple bag of
tricks. Teachers need to have concrete strategies if they want to provide
choice and challenge for all learners in their classrooms. The strategies included
in this book were chosen based on their ease of implementation and
modification. In addition, they all encourage student engagement, provide
inherent opportunities for differentiation, and are appropriate for Years

Differentiation That Really
Works: Maths

provides time-saving tips and strategies from real teacher who teach maths in
Years 6–12. These teachers not only developed the materials and used them in
their own classes, but they also provided useful feedback and comments about
the activities. The strategies included in the book are tiered lessons, cubing,
graphic organisers, exit cards, learning contracts and choice boards. Every
strategy includes directions and offers opportunities for differentiation.