Diagnosis for Classroom Success

Making Anatomy & Physiology Come Alive, Teacher Edition

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Publish Date: 08 July 2015

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To make the most of classroom time – and make students sit up and take notice of science – author Nicole Maller turned to a combination of narrative and role-playing. Among the results is the attention-getting curriculum in Diagnosis for Classroom Success

The story set-up works this way: After conducting research at a rigorous medical school, your students arrive for their first day of hospital duty only to be confronted with four sick patients, each with a different mystery ailment. How can teams of student physicians come up with the correct diagnoses? By getting deeply involved in inquiry-based science as they learn about major body systems plus sickle cell anemia, HIV, pregnancy and diabetes.

The curriculum comes in a two-part set: The Student Edition guides students while they examine medical records, form hypotheses and conduct simulated lab tests. The Teacher Edition spells out the book’s relevance to the Framework for K–12 Science Education and provides rubrics, answer keys and prep tips to use before, during and after the lessons. By blending the power of story with engaging investigations, Diagnosis for Classroom Success will cure what ails your lecture-weary biology classes.

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