Developing Visual Literacy in Science, F-8

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ISBN: 9781760012472

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Publish Date: 23 November 2016

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Today's primary science textbooks and other school materials depend heavily on visual representations to demonstrate science concepts. Teachers cannot assume, however, that their students know how to unlock the information in these often complicated images.

With Developing Visual Literacy in Science, F–8, teachers can help their students develop the skills they need to "read", or make meaning from, visual images. These skills include interpreting scientific photographs, charts, diagrams, figures, labels and graphic symbols. Students can then learn to communicate to others - perhaps by creating their own graphic representations - the understandings and insights they have acquired from visual images.

The book also demonstrates an alternative to written and spoken language as means of instruction. Students who tend to process information visually, rather than verbally or linguistically, will be among the beneficiaries of their teachers' use of this book. Finally, three content chapters - on insect metamorphosis, phases of the Moon, and force and motion - show how easily visual literacy skills can be incorporated into existing lessons.

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