Designing Effective Science Instruction

What Works In Science Classrooms

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Improving student performance may be a matter of rethinking classroom instruction, but that’s a tall order. Designing Effective Science Instruction helps you reflect on what is working well with your current approach to designing lessons and provides recommendations for improving existing lessons or creating effective new ones, all while exploring the characteristics of high-quality science lessons. Providing a review of the research related to each element, strategies to be incorporated into the lesson, and tools to assess teachers’ practices, the book is of value to novice and experienced teachers as well as principals and department heads, curriculum specialists, science mentors, professional development providers and science education professors ­– that is, anyone concerned with improving science education and nurturing effective teaching.

This revised Australian edition of Designing Effective Science Instruction has been adapted by Anne Tweed with veteran Australian school principal Ken Harbottle. The book now aligns with the Australian Curriculum: Science, including sample unit outlines based on Australian Curriculum content descriptions, and it is intended to support the practice of Australian science teachers. Although individual science professionals may apply the information in this book differently, depending on their goals for improving science instruction, Designing Effective Science Instruction neatly bridges research and practice, making this an indispensable resource for all.

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