Digital Daily Warm-Ups

Maths Problem-Solving Level 2 - Years 9-12

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Digital Daily Warm-Ups: Maths Problem-Solving Level 2 – Years 9–12 is a wonderful way to turn extra classroom minutes into valuable learning time. The brief activities allow students to apply problem-solving skills that are relevant to their lives, such as calculating the probability of picking a purple jellybean out of a jar of jellybeans, making a pie graph to display the makeup of Earth’s atmosphere, or using known information to estimate unknown information. Types of activities include:

  • Problems solving skills and basics
  • Organising data, estimating and reasoning
  • Graphs and diagrams
  • Algebra
  • Problem-solving rules
  • Mental maths
  • Multiplication and division shortcuts
  • Organising data

Daily Warm-Ups are easy-to-use activities that can be applied as a check on critical-thinking skills and problem-solving skills, or for gifted students who need extra independent work. However you choose to use them, Daily Warm-Ups are a convenient and useful supplement to your regular lesson plans. Make every minute of your class time count!

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