Digital Daily Warm-Ups

Critical Thinking Level 2 - Years 9-12

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Digital Daily Warm-Ups: Critical Thinking Level 2 – Years 9–12 is a wonderful way to turn extra classroom minutes into valuable learning time. The 180 quick activities are divided by subject into English, maths, social studies, science and life skills, but each exercise assists the learner to develop critical-thinking skills that will benefit them no matter what their area of study, not to mention in the world beyond the classroom.

Using the English exercises, students will analyse why groups of words are spelled certain ways; make words with given suffixes and prefixes; and examine passages from important texts. Maths exercises require students to create their own word problems and to classify objects according to size and weight. Social studies exercises focus on history, religion and world cultures, as well as geography, globalisation and personal history. Science exercises tackle questions regarding climate change, the effects of chemicals on plants and more. The life skills section gets students to think about what they would do in certain situations, such as in an earthquake, or at home alone. These questions also present ethical dilemmas for students to think about, such as what to do if a friend is depressed, or what to do if you get into a car with someone and then realise they have been drinking.

These daily activities may be used at the very beginning of class to get students into learning mode, near the end of class to make good educational use of that transitional time, in the middle of class to shift gears between lessons, or whenever else you have minutes that now go unused. However you choose to use them, Daily Warm-Ups are a convenient and useful supplement to your regular lesson plans. 

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