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Teachers, Change Your Bait! Brain-Compatible Differentiated Instruction

Author: Martha Kaufeldt

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ISBN: 9781760569495

No of Pages: 192

Publish date: 15/11/2018

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Teachers, Change Your Bait!
Brain-Compatible Differentiated Instruction
is packed with best-practice
ideas and examples for meeting the instructional needs of all your students. A
concise explanation of brain-compatible learning theory provides the rationale
for why strategies work and why you should start right away!

Fill your strategy tackle box with practical ways to vary the six
key components of differentiation:

  • physical and social

  • processing for learning

  • content and its presentation

  • products to demonstrate learning.

Everything you need to organise a successful differentiated
classroom is here, from how to set up students profiles and establish groups,
to how to collect ongoing feedback for planning instruction and documenting
progress. You will find activities that engage reluctant learners, strategies
that will help with “leaving no child behind”, techniques to teach second-language
learners and complex tasks to inspire high-potential students.

Make differentiation work in your classroom and every student will
experience success.