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Educating Ruby: What Our Children Really Need to Learn

Author: Bill Lucas, Guy Claxton

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ISBN: 9781760566944

No of Pages: 202

Publish date: 04/05/2018

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Everyone knows schools need rethinking, but few speak from the
perspectives of children, families and teachers.

Most offer simplistic critiques, creating false opportunities
between traditionalist and progressive viewpoints. Acclaimed educational
thought-leaders Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas suggest something different and more
optimistic. Just as Willy Russell’s Educating
helped us rethink university, the authors of Educating Ruby invite fresh scrutiny of schools.

Educating Ruby is a powerful call to action for everyone
who worries that our school system is not preparing children for the
uncertainties and challenges of the real world. It shows how we can cultivate
confidence, curiosity, collaboration, communication, creativity, commitment and
craftsmanship in children at the same time as helping them to achieve success
in public examinations.