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The Teacher’s Toolkit: Raise Classroom Achievement with Strategies for Every Learner

Author: Paul Ginnis

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ISBN: 9781760566609

No of Pages: 376

Publish date: 02/11/2018

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Designed as a teacher’s resource, The Teacher’s Toolkit is packed with practical classroom strategies
that will enable you to:

  • meet the needs of different learning

  • stimulate your own creativity

  • add spice to your teaching

  • challenge the gifted – and the disruptive.

Whatever your learning area, it will allow you to:

  • develop thinking skills

  • deliver citizenship

  • embed study skills

  • create true independence.

Drawing on insights from neuroscience, psychology and sociology, The Teacher’s Toolkit provides:

  • an overview of recent thinking about

  • fifty varied learning techniques for all
    sorts of subjects and situations

  • practical ideas for managing group work,
    tackling behaviour and promoting personal responsibility

  • six essential ways of operating on the

  • tools for checking your practice – from
    lesson planning to performance management.