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Outstanding Teaching: Engaging Learners

Author: Andy Griffith, Mark Burns

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ISBN: 9781760566531

No of Pages: 192

Publish date: 29/05/2018

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At the end of every week, many teachers leave school exhausted. In an era when responsibility for exam results lies with them and not their students it's time to redress the balance so that students take more of the responsibility for their learning and progress. A class can be skilled and motivated to learn without a teacher always having to lead. Engaging learners in this way unpicks intrinsic motivation, the foundation that underpins a productive learning environment and helps to develop independent learning, creativity and improved behaviour management.

Based on five years of intensive research through Osiris Educational's award-winning Outstanding Teaching Intervention programme, during which the authors have trained more than 500 teachers to teach over 1300 lessons in schools throughout the United Kingdom, this book is packed with proven advice and innovative tools developed in these successful outstanding lessons.

Written in the same humorous, thought-provoking style with which they both teach and train, Andy and Mark aim to challenge all who teach, from beginners to seasoned professionals, to reflect on their day-to-day practice and set an agenda for sustainable teacher and leadership improvement.