Neuroscience for Teachers

Applying Research Evidence from Brain Science

Author: Richard Churches, Eleanor Dommett, Ian Devonshire

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ISBN: 9781760566494

No of Pages: 272

Publish Date: 16 March 2018

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The teaching profession, at its core, is the business of growing brains – but (most) teachers are not trained neuroscientists! And so every day, teachers enter their classrooms trying to understand the way their students think to best support their learning – and finally there is a resource that will make this job a lot easier. In Neuroscience for Teachers two neuroscientists and a leading education writer expertly unpack, in an easy-to-read and instantly usable way, the latest research on the things that will help your learners to learn better.

Readers are encouraged to join the Churches, Dommett and Devonshire as learning partners, as they oversee the process of testing laboratory-based theories within the classroom context. The authors are strong advocates for school-based research and provide excellent guidance for teachers to conduct their controlled trials in their own classrooms, using the research presented in the book.

As the field of neuroscience uncovers more of nature’s secrets about the way we learn – and further augments what we already know about effective teaching – this book advocates using more efficient pedagogies rooted in a better understanding and application of neuroscience in education, and shares up-to-date information in relation to:

  • the nature of learning and types of memory
  • how the right emotional climate boosts learning
  • catering for individual differences and special needs
  • improving learners’ metacognitive powers
  • exposing learners to desirable difficulties
  • understanding the developing teenage brain.

With its worked examples and suggestions as to how to enhance personal effectiveness and improve classroom delivery, Neuroscience for Teachers provides accessible, practical guidance on what every teachers needs to know about the brain and how we really learn – and what that suggests for how they should teach.

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