A Mindset for Success

In Your Classroom and School

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Publish Date: 09 April 2018

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The ways in which schools currently conceptualise and measure success could be limiting students’ potential to achieve it. 

It is critical for schools to move away from the many talent and IQ myths that presently exist and to stop categorising students in a way that damages their ability to grow and develop. A Mindset for Success outlines key practical steps that can be taken in order to do just this, building instead a growth mindset culture in all classrooms and across schools. 

Crucially, Tony Swainston explains how a mindset for success can benefit everyone, giving more meaning to learning that, in turn, brings greater fulfilment for teachers and pupils. A Mindset for Success illustrates how grit, resilience and perseverance can be nurtured in every child, enabling them to take on the challenges of life and our changing world, which will lead them to greater academic success and personal happiness. By exploring the importance of emotional intelligence and student well-being, it offers a holistic view of the academic and social development of students. 

Class teachers will find a plethora of techniques to get the best out of their learners, including strategies for coaching and deliberate practice, and affirmations to increase motivation and autonomy. For head teachers and senior leaders, there is advice about how to consistently involve all teachers, support staff and parents in order to have the greatest impact upon students’ mindsets. 

A practical guide to changing mindsets in schools. Suitable for teachers and school leaders.

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