Creativity x 4

Using the Australian Curriculum

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Creativity and innovation are some of the most important areas on which to focus work within the Australian Curriculum. Indeed, in the 21st century, creativity and innovation skills are central components of tertiary-level education and career readiness. Creativity 4 includes four practical, standards-based lesson planning formats to use to develop creativity and higher-level thinking:

Six Thinking Hats®

Encounter Lessons



Six Thinking Hats® is a thinking process that identifies six different ways of thinking with each way indicated by a different coloured hat. Each way of thinking adds information and helps students look at problems or challenges more creatively and with a variety of points of view.

Encounter Lessons include open-ended questions that help students practise food listening skills, stimulate creativity and higher-level thinking, and provide motivation for all students.

The Questivities™ format consists of a Project Activity and a series of Thinking Questions that stimulate creative and critical thinking and give practice in research skills.

SCAMPER is an acronym for works describing seven different thinking techniques to spark creativity and generate ideas for problem solving. It provides teachers with the means for generating questions and gives students a vehicle for demonstrating higher levels of thinking. 

Creativity 4 is the ideal resource for your Australian Curriculum-aligned classroom, containing 33 distinct lessons which address the key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, The Arts and Technologies. Each activity includes sample Australian Curriculum content descriptions and is accompanied by a differentiated assessment task.

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