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What you had to say about #HBEConf2013:

The most valuable aspect of the conference was....

"...A great opportunity to hear from the 'greats' and have made PD plans for my staff for the next semester as a result of attending! Most thought provoking and stimulating, thanks!"
Christine Buhler, Learning and Teaching DP, VIC

"...To be able to hear about successes in the classroom and how to re-invigorate my teaching strategies with minimal effort. To see realistic methods of transferring knowledge and understanding to our students."
Keron Davidson, Head Teacher, NSW

"...Directional thinking for my school. Re–affirming things we are doing was good...we had 10 Heads of faculty there from my school.....the post HBE Conf discussion in Melbourne and here at Rangiora HS has been GREAT. Had a great HOF meeting yesterday re: conference!"
Brian Hays, Deputy Principal, New Zealand

"The most valuable aspect was the accessibility of the presenters and their willingness to discuss topics, answer questions and provide further information if requested. Their knowledge, expertise and approachability provided me with a very valuable experience at the conference and lots of new and exciting ideas to take back to my school and to use in my classroom."
Olivia Schafferius, Teacher/Coach, QLD

"Carol Tomlinson was fantastic and informed my teaching from the minute I stepped back into my classroom. It was interesting and practical."
Naomi Smith, English Teacher, WA

Additional comments from #HBEConf2013:

"I have attended the HBE conference twice so far: 2011 and 2013. It is one of the few PD opportunities throughout the year that helps to move my knowledge and learning on and spurs me to research further on my own. I love the new learning!!!"
Kelly Elliott-Maskiell, Head of Curriculum, QLD

"The four days at the conference taught me more about teaching & learning than the four years of teacher training at university."
Nick Cotsaris, Senior School Leader, SA

"I have attended a number of conferences.. ACEL, ACER, MANSW, ORIGO and MAV...this was one of the best I've attended and will happily recommend it to others. The calibre of the presenters I encountered was outstanding."
Fran Bonanno, Principal, NSW

"Outstanding presenters. Best conference I have attended in a long time."
Donna Beaney, Principal, SA