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VIRTUAL EVENT | Zoom Webinar
08 Oct - 05 Nov 2020

Learn from leading experts

The Collaborative teams that work webinar series outlines the twelve essential actions of a cycle of learning carried out by highly successful collaborative teams that have embraced the four critical questions of a PLC at Work®.

These virtual sessions will provide proven, practical actions that classroom educators and school leaders can take now to ensure continuous collaboration that results in high levels of learning for all.

Implemented through each cycle of learning (unit of work), these actions provide teams with a roadmap to ensure students and teachers benefit from the learning their collaborative efforts bring.

Presenters Gavin Grift and Colin Sloper will share key knowledge and tips to bridge the gap between PLC research and reality for collaborative teams and schools. Attendees will leave these sessions with a blueprint for collaborative teams to use in their ongoing school improvement efforts. This webinar series has been designed to assist teachers and teams, whether they are working in school or via remote learning, to ensure that any potential learning shortfalls are addressed.



Session dates:

Session 1:

The work of collaborative teams: What it is and what makes it successful

Thursday 8 October 2020 3.45–4.45 pm AEDT

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Session 2:

Practical and time saving: What collaborative teams do to ensure every second counts

Thursday 22 October 2020 3.45–4.45 pm AEDT

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Session 3:

Successful meetings and facilitation: Creating the conditions for collaborative success

Thursday 5 November 2020 3.45–4.45 pm AEDT

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  • Explore the actions required for teams to address the critical PLC questions.
  • Learn the true work and focus of high-performing collaborative teams.
  • Investigate the twelve actions and their associated tasks and apply them to your current work within your teams.
  • Discover a clear process for planning and conducting collaborative team meetings that honours the work that will generate results.
  • Develop insights into how to overcome the common challenges associated with working as a collaborative team.
  • Apply learnings to work in face-to-face and remote collaborative teams.


Praise for Grift and Sloper’s upcoming book Collaborative teams that work

‘It took me six years, through trial and error, to figure out what this book will explain to the reader in a logical and effective multi-stage process. This book is a gift to anyone who wants to support the development of strong collaborative teams but simply does not have the insight on how to do it. 

‘Grift and Sloper have provided the practitioner with a guide that I would have given my right arm to have in 2001. I encourage anyone who has access to this book to read it carefully and apply the lessons that are so masterfully laid out in this brilliant, research-based manifesto on producing the most valuable asset in any effective school: strong collaborative teams. Schools are institutions, not islands. The more we harness the power of we, the more we will wonder at why we ever chose to work in isolation.’

Dr Anthony Muhammad


Collaborative teams that work will soon be available for pre-order at


Recordings: This webinar series will be recorded and made publicly available 7–14 days after its conclusion.


Please note: Access to Zoom may be restricted on some school computer networks, particularly the Education Queensland network. If you are having trouble registering for this event, please try on a device that is not connected to your school’s network.


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