CIBS-II Standardised Inventory

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The BRIGANCE Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills II Standardised, or CIBS-II Standardised, is a selection of 45 key assessments from the CIBS-II Reading/English and CIBS-II Mathematics that have been newly standardised. The CIBS-II Standardised includes valid, reliable and well-researched readiness, reading/English and mathematics assessments, and year-level placement tests that have been validated on students 5 to 13 years of age.

The CIBS-II Standardised is divided into two sections - Readiness and Year One to Year Six - that offer a range of information on students' academic skill levels as demonstrated under real-life, everyday conditions.

The norm-referenced assessments and year-level placement tests in the CIBS-II Standardised allow educators to benchmark performance, identify delays in specific academic areas and support referrals. Special educators can also address their reporting requirements, with easy-to-follow administrator instructions and simple scoring procedures. The CIBS-II Standardised produces year equivalents (based on the original Brigance research), age equivalents, percentiles and quotients in the following areas of achievement.

  • Oral Expression
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Written Expression
  • Basic Reading Skills
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Maths Calculation
  • Maths Problem Solving

The CIBS-II Standardised can help special education teachers and program directors

  • derive standardised scores, including quotients, percentiles, year equivalents and age equivalents.
  • support referrals for further evaluation or special services, or confirm a diagnosis.
  • assess school readiness by tapping predictors of school success.
  • provide an appropriate assessment system that aligns with their curricula and that gathers data on students' progress.
  • track and report individual and group progress
  • meet inclusion goals by determining present levels of academic achievement and functional performance (PLAAFP), areas of strength and need, and instructional objectives.
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