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The BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development (IED) III is a comprehensive collection of developmental assessments which when used correctly produces a complete range of information on a child’s developmental progress through distinct developmental skill sequences performed in real, everyday conditions. A degree in Psychology is not required to administer the inventory. Examples of persons who might use this bundle include, but are not limited to teachers, school nurses, and early childhood coordinators.

The IED III is a criterion referenced measure designed to measure a child’s performance compared to specific educational objectives.  Assessments results assist Early Childhood educators:

  • identify a child’s specific strengths and needs
  • plan individualised instruction
  • provide ongoing assessment and monitor progress
  • evaluate school readiness
  • communicate results with parents/caregivers
  • offer more in-depth assessment to follow up on screening results
  • provide non-discriminatory testing and evaluation

A section on Milestone Skills by Developmental Age Level organises key skills by age, providing a snapshot of child development across domains.

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Brigance: IED III 2014: Inventory Early Childhood Edition (CA14278)
Brigance: IED III 2014: Inventory Early Childhood Edition (CA14278)
Brigance: IED III: Box of Materials (CA9562)

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