Annette Moes

Annette Moes is both a Training Associate at Hawker Brownlow Education and an experienced educator with extensive classroom teaching and leadership roles in schools and corporate areas within Australia.

Focus area: A Framework for Understanding Poverty

Annette works with schools, communities and families to build their capacity to understand and implement strategies around how backgrounds, current situation and future thinking can influence how they feel and act. Her work has included more than 30 years experience working in both rural and remote and low socio-economic communities and schools across all year levels from K-12. She has work extensively with all levels of experience (beginning teachers to highly experienced teachers/leaders) and communities focusing on the best outcomes for both students and families.

Annette believes that it takes a village to raise a child and that relationships and understanding are at the heart of this.  She knows the demands that teachers and leadership teams face and the unpredictability of their work whilst having a sharp focus on student outcomes. Student Wellbeing and interagency work have been a focus for her for more than 15 years.

During this time, Annette has received consistent positive feedback from schools and communities about her ability to think strategically and act locally.

Annette holds a Bachelor of Education degree and Adult Literacy qualifications.  She is very experienced in both the strategic planning and operational workings of schools and government interagency work.

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