Just-in-Time Assessment

By: Katie White

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We are all looking for ways to gather information about our learners, so we can make the very best decisions to meet their needs right away. Many of our predictable sources of information are either not available (standardized testing data, for example) or have shifted because of our current reality. This session explores assessment that can meet students where they are, so educators can determine intentional and thoughtful next steps. Participants discuss formative assessment—with a special focus on pre-assessment—that readies us to serve our students in the best ways possible.

  • Explore the purpose assessment holds in making classroom decisions
  • Clarify practical considerations when engaging in assessment that will support learning in the best ways possible
  • Consider ways to apply a framework for just-in-time assessment to personal contexts
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Conference Start Date Mar 1, 2021
Conference End Date Dec 31, 2021