Marzano Direct Impact Sessions Set of 10

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Get access to all ten of the Marzano Direct Impact 75-minute virtual professional learning sessions for a total of 750 minutes of relevant and practical professional learning when you need it most.

Topic Session Speaker
Instruction Planning High-Quality Instruction Jan K Hoegh
Instruction What Students Need to Know Jan K Hoegh
Instruction Teaching in Hybrid Environments Sam Fritz
Instruction Teaching Exceptional Learners Tammy Heflebower
Assessment Student-Centered Assessment Tammy Heflebower
Student Engagement Managing the Hybrid Classroom Tina H Boogren
Student Engagement Capturing Students' Attention Tina H Boogren
Student Engagement Resiliency-Centered Education Mike Ruyle
Teacher Development Developing Your Instructional Expertise Philip B Warrick
Teacher Development Growth-Focused Leadership Philip B Warrick
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Conference Start Date Mar 1, 2021
Conference End Date Dec 31, 2021