Teacher Development

Developing Your Instructional Expertise

By: Phil Warrick

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Reflective practice is a powerful strategy for developing instructional expertise. Educators who utilize a strong model of instruction, set growth goals, focus intensely on those goals, internalize the instructional model, and adjust their goals over time are well on their way to expert teaching. Additionally, the use of a rigorous protocol when self-rating on elements of the instructional model and tracking one’s progress over time lead to great gains in terms of professional growth. In this immediate impact institute, Phil Warrick walks participants through a five-step process that teachers can use to engage in reflection and set goals to improve their practice.

  • Understand how to utilize an instructional model to develop instructional expertise
  • Learn strategies for self-rating and setting goals
  • Explore techniques for internalizing a model of instruction
  • Discover the best ways to adjust growth goals or set new goals
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Conference Start Date Mar 1, 2021
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