Student Engagement

Capturing Students’ Attention

By: Tina Boogren

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The keys to capturing student attention lie in the third and fourth levels of Maslow’s hierarchy. Belonging and esteem within a community are essential aspects of how students think about themselves, and critical components of their engagement in the classroom. In this session, Tina H. Boogren outlines how teachers can address these foundational needs by considering the relationships that exist in the classroom. Beginning with topics such as inclusion, respect, affection, and cooperation and progressing to esteem, competence, significance, and recognition, participants will learn how to increase engagement by building meaningful relationships with students.

  • Understand how students’ perceptions of themselves and their relationships with others directly impact their ability to pay attention in the classroom
  • Explore scenarios that portray the powerful effects of strategies related to esteem, belonging, engagement, and attention
  • Learn how to meet students’ needs for belonging and esteem in the classroom
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Conference Start Date Mar 1, 2021
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