Five powerful ways to capture the heads and hearts of your colleagues with Gavin Grift

By: Gavin Grift

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About this Direct Impact Session

Influencing others, advocating for change and supporting colleagues through change are three of the biggest challenges school leaders face. This direct impact session shows Learning Leaders why and explores how five critical mindsets can help them overcome these obstacles. Gavin engages participants in the theory, thinking and practice essential for Learning Leaders to truly transform the way they see their own leadership and help others do the same. Drawing from the bestselling book Five Ways of Being: What Learning Leaders think, do and say every day, participants will gain practical, evidence-based strategies, improved leadership skills and a renewed sense of clarity and confidence.


  • Learn more about your current leadership identity and its implications.
  • Increase your capacity to be trustworthy, brave, compelling, purposeful and growth focused in your leadership.
  • Apply practical strategies to increase your influence and make real, lasting change.

What are Thinking & Learning Direct Impact Sessions?

This Thinking & Learning Direct Impact Session is a 75-minute professional learning session that delivers insights, inspiration and practical strategies to address the pressing challenges you face in your school today. These sessions are digital professional learning products that can be enjoyed on virtually any device, such as computers and smartphones.

How do I order a Direct Impact Session?

Place your order by adding your Direct Impact Session(s) to the shopping cart. Once you have placed your order, we’ll send you your unique activation code via email. You will have 60 days following activation to participate in and complete your Direct Impact Session on your own schedule.

Find out more about Thinking & Learning Direct Impact Sessions here.

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