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CARS & STARS Plus is a two-part reading comprehension program consisting of 10 levels (P-H). The first part is CARS (Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies), a diagnostic reading series that allows you to identify and assess a student's level of mastery for each of 12 reading strategies (8 strategies in Book A, 6 strategies in Books P and AA). It helps teachers place students in Strategies to Achieve Reading Success (STARS Plus Series) for reading instruction and remediation. 

Strategies to Achieve Reading Success is a prescriptive reading series that provides essential instruction in the same 12 reading strategies as the diagnostic CARS Plus Series. The STARS Plus Series provides precise instruction in and practice with the strategies students need to master in order to achieve reading success.  Learn More about CARS & STARS Plus.

The CARS & STARS Plus Strategies Posters present the strategies used in each of the 10 levels (P–H) of the CARS & STARS Plus program. The Strategies Posters are designed to be easy to interpret for students of all ages, with a concise explanation of each strategy presented underneath a specific icon that represents the strategy visually. These elements ensure that both students and the teacher can quickly and easily recall any of the 12 strategies no matter their level of reading comprehension.

The CARS & STARS Plus Collection AA consists of:

  • 25 CARS Plus Level AA Student Books
  • 1 CARS Plus Level AA Teacher Guide
  • 25 STARS Plus Level AA Student Books
  • 1 STARS Plus Level AA Teacher Guide
  • 1 CARS & STARS Plus Strategies Poster: Level AA

Collection Details: 

The CARS Plus Level AA Student Books include:

  • 15 tests: 5 pretests, 5 benchmarks, 5 post tests
  • 2 student self-assessments
  • 3 answer forms

The CARS Plus Level AA Teacher Guide includes:

  • Guided lesson instructions
  • Suggestions and instructions for using CARS effectively in the classroom
  • A summary of the research that supports the CARS Plus Series;
  • A three-page reproducible that outlines the strategies and can be used with students as a skill-review summary, or to reinforce the strategies practised in the student book
  • Teacher Assessments that teachers fill out after students have completed all 5 Pretests and then again after all 5 Post Tests
  • A reproducible Class Performance Chart for recording class results for the Pretests and Post Tests
  • Completed Answer Forms that teachers can use to easily correct the tests

The STARS Plus Level AA Student Books include:

  • 6 strategy lessons, one lesson for each reading strategy. Each ten-page lesson provides instruction and practice in the targeted reading strategy. Each scaffolded lesson moves from modelled instruction to guided instruction to modelled practice to guided practice to independent practice.
  • A two-page review lesson following every three strategy lessons
  • An 8-page final review giving practice in all 6 reading strategies

The STARS Plus Level AA Teacher Guide includes:

  • In-depth lesson plans that include step-by-step instructions for how to teach the lesson as well as thumbnails of each student page, a completed answer form, teacher tips and more!
  • An overview of the series as a whole, including: information about using CARS & STARS
  • A suggested pacing chart for using the series with your students
  • An introduction focusing on specific elements of STARS Plus lessons
  • A summary of the research behind the series
  • Reproducible Strategy Bookmarks that point out the strategies used in each specific level

The CARS & STARS Plus Strategies Poster: Level AA includes:

  • A visual representation of six of the 12 reading strategies using specific icons

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