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CARS (Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies) is the first part in a two-part reading comprehension series. CARS allows you to identify and assess a student's level of mastery for each of 12 reading strategies (8 strategies in Book A, 6 strategies in Books P and AA). Strategies to Achieve Reading Success (STARS Plus Series) is the next step and enables you to use the results from the CARS tests to teach those strategies.

Level P is the first level in this 10-level series (P-H) and is for pre-readers. Reading strategies covered in this level include: finding the big idea, finding details, putting things in order, understanding what happens and why, making a guess and figuring things out.


The CARS Plus Level P Student Book includes:

  • 15 tests: 5 pretests, 5 benchmarks, 5 post tests
  • 2 student self-assessments
  • 3 answer forms

Note: This product is not for sale individually. It is available as part of a mixed pack or set of 5.


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