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CARS (Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies) is the first part in a two-part reading comprehension series. CARS allows you to identify and assess a student's level of mastery for each of 12 reading strategies (8 strategies in Book A, 6 strategies in Books P and AA). Strategies to Achieve Reading Success (STARS Plus Series) is the next step and enables you to use the results from the CARS tests to teach those strategies.

Level C is the fifth level in this 10-level series (P-H). It is written at a year 3 reading level. Reading strategies covered in this level include: finding the main idea, recalling facts and details, understanding sequence, recognising cause and effect, comparing and contrasting, making predictions, finding word meaning in context, drawing conclusions and making inferences, distinguishing between fact and opinion, identifying authors purpose, interpreting figurative language and distinguishing between real and make-believe.


The CARS Plus Level C Student Book includes:

  • 15 tests: 5 pretests, 5 benchmarks, 5 post tests
  • 2 student self-assessments
  • 3 answer forms

Note: This product is not for sale individually. It is available as part of a mixed pack or set of 5.


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