Bullied Teacher

Bullied Student

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Students aren’t the only ones bullying in schools. Teachers, principals and parents bully too. Together they create a bullying culture that strikes at the heart of effective learning and teaching. A bullying culture harms everyone: targets, student bystanders, teachers, parents and even society at large.

To eradicate bullying, the school community must first acknowledge its existence in all forms. This timely book explores the background and issues related not just to student-on-student bullying but to all forms of bullying found in too many schools. It then goes on to illustrate how schools can devise – and enforce – a policy that works.

This indispensible guide offers an anti-bullying blueprint that explains how to:

  • recognise a systemic culture of bullying
  • neutralise the power imbalance that enables bullies
  • create an environment free of sexual, racial and cultural stereotyping
  • use cooperative learning to foster respect for differences
  • empower students through positive reinforcement
  • counteract the “blame the victim” mentality

Every school should be a place where students and the whole school community feel physically and emotionally safe and secure. Any form to bullying – by students, parents, teachers or administrators – threatens to undermine that sense of security and impede learning. Bullied Teacher: Bullied Student suggests constructive ways the education community can handle all forms of bullying and helps educators implement innovative ways to heal a bullying school.

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