Bringing STEM to the Elementary Classroom

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Publish Date: 06 October 2016

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This book is a must for your library if you're looking for creative experiences to engage your youngest students in science, technology, engineering, and math. Bringing STEM to the Elementary Classroom includes some of the best STEM investigations from Science and Children, NSTA's award-winning journal for elementary teachers.

Classroom tested to meet the needs of both preK-5 students and busy teachers, the 36 lessons are

  • conveniently organized into grade-level bands;

  • grounded in science education research;

  • designed to encourage learning across disciplines, promote real-world problem-solving skills, expose children to STEM careers, and serve all students equally well; and

  • connect to all elements of the Next Generation Science Standards.

Many resources help you encourage children to learn about STEM, but only this book was curated by Linda Froschauer, a veteran educator with more than 37 years of teaching experience who also serves as editor of Science and Children. This collection provides you with a rich variety of quality STEM experiences, whether you're a classroom teacher, homeschooler, or information educator.

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