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Bringing Homework into Focus: Tools and Tips to Enhance Practices, Design, and Feedback

Author: Eileen Depka

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ISBN: 9781760562007

No of Pages: 128

Publish date: 05/07/2017

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In many classrooms, teachers assign homework out of habit.
Author Eileen Depka urges educators to reflect on the purpose of student
assignments in Bringing Homework Into
Focus: Tools and Tips to Enhance Practices, Design, and Feedback
determine if and when homework is valuable. Because of homework’s constancy in
most classrooms, educators must preserve what is beneficial about it and
isolate what is not helpful through considered design, clear rubricsm and swift
feedback. Homework does have the capacity to foster continuous growth, as long
as educators work toward optimal homework design by considering the type,
amount, and timing of assignments. This book shows them how.

K-12 teachers will:

  • Recognize that different kinds
    of homework assingnments advance student’s knowledge and promote their
    understanding during all stages of the learning process

  • Learn the components that
    influence quality homework design

  • Interpret examples of
    assignments for multiple school subjects to understand how to create impactful
    questions on any topic

  • Develop rubrics and checklists
    to clearly assess the accuracy of completed homework and better communicate
    feedback with the time and resources available to them

  • Create learning environments in
    which students recognize that well-designed homework can help them reach their
    own goals for future personal growth.