Screens III

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The new Brigance Screens III offer developmental screening of children from infancy to year one. The Screens III support the efforts of early childhood educators and others working with children to identify potential developmental delays, as well as giftedness, and inform instruction and monitor child progress.

The Brigance Screens III Technical Manual is an extensive and valuable resource for any educator, parent or professional using the Brigance Screens III. It is a comprehensive manual detailing the science behind the newly updated Screens III and the extensive U.S. national study that has made them more accurate and useful than ever. The Technical Manual also includes specific information on how to administer the Screens III with subjects, interpret the results and monitor progress. Additionally, it offers a complete technical breakdown of the standardisation process and information on the reliability, accuracy and validity of the Screens III as detailed early childhood screening instruments.

It also includes sample data sheets, information forms and sheets for parents, and details on comparing the Screens to other screening tests. The Brigance Screens III Technical Manual is the complete guide to the detailed science behind the Brigance Screens III and the process of administering them.

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