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IED III 2014

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ISBN: 9781760012007

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Publish Date: 11 June 2014

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The BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development III Standardised, or IED III Standardised, is a selection of 55 key assessments that span the critical domains of child development and learning. The valid, reliable and well-researched developmental assessments of the IED III Standardised have been standardised and validated on a normative sample of children from birth to seven years of age.

The IED III Standardised produces a complete range of information about a child's early developmental and academic skill mastery.

Results from administered assessments of the IED III Standardised produce a variety of scores, including standard scores, percentiles and age equivalents in the following domains:

  • Physical development (gross motor and fine motor)
  • Language development (receptive and expressive)
  • Academic skills/cognitive development (literacy and mathematics)
  • Adaptive behaviour (daily living)
  • Social and emotional development (interpersonal and self-regulatory)

Because the skills within assessments are sequenced from the earliest mastered skills to more difficult ones, a child's present level of performance can be pinpointed along a skill continuum. Results from administered assessments allow professionals to identify a child's strengths and needs within and across these domains (skill areas). And because the IED III Standardised is norm-referenced, professionals can compare a child's mastery of skills to that of other children of the same age across these skill areas. Therefore, the IED III Standardised meets common assessment requirements and can be used as the educational and developmental portion of a battery that identifies children with potential developmental or learning delays, language impairment, advanced development and other exceptionalities.

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