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Brian Pete


Brian comes from a family of educators-college professors, school superintendents, teachers and teachers of teachers. Through his roles as producer of educational videos, publisher of educational resources, and trainer of teachers and leaders, Brian has a rich background in professional development. He brings both a depth of understanding about effective professional development experiences and a technical know-how for practical implementations.

As a founding partner of RFA: A Robin Fogarty Company, Brian has videotaped classroom teachers and professional experts in schools throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He has an eye for the “teachable moment” and the words to describe what he sees as skilful teaching and effective coaching. Brian’s work on educational videos include: Best Practices: Classroom Management; Best Practices: Active Learning Classrooms.

He has authored a number of resources: Nine Best Practices that Make the Difference; Twelve Brain Principles that Make the Difference and Data! Dialogue! Decisions!, A Look at Transfer, The Adult Learner and From Staff Room to Classroom: Planning and Coaching Professional Learning.

He has a Bachelor of Science from DePaul University of Chicago, and is completing his thesis for his Masters in Fiction Writing from Chicago’s Columbia College. He and his co-author received the NSDC Book Award in 2006 for this work: From Staff Room to Classroom: A Guide for Planning and Coaching Professional Learning.

Brian is currently the lead trainer in a major initiative in Singapore for the TILM Ignite Schools. He brings his humour, wit and charm to all of his professional development sessions.