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Betty Achinstein


Betty Achinstein is a researcher at the Center for Educational Research in the Interest of Underserved Students (CERIUS) at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Betty is responsible for designing and conducting research on new teacher socialization; supporting teachers of color in urban schools; professional and organizational contexts for teacher learning; organizational contexts that support Latina/o students; coaching, mentoring, and teacher professional development; diversity and equity for teachers and students; urban schooling; and teacher professional communities.

She was a recipient of the 2006 Association of Teacher Educators’ Distinguished Research Award. Betty’s most recent articles have been published in American Educational Research Journal, Harvard Education Review, Review of Educational Research, Teaching and Teacher Education, and Teachers College Record. Prior to her work with CERIUS, Betty was a senior researcher with The New Teacher Center at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She conducted research on new teacher socialization, mentoring, and induction in organizational contexts. She also co-facilitated the Leadership Network for Teacher Induction, a reform network of induction leaders in northern California. Before coming to the University of California, Santa Cruz, Betty Achinstein was Director of Member Schools at the Bay Area School Reform Collaborative. She also taught middle and high school students in Chicago, Boston, and New Jersey.