Basic Not Boring Years 4-5

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Publish Date: 09 March 2004

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Basic Not Boring Years 4–5 is filled with attractive age-appropriate student exercises. These pages are no ordinary worksheets! Basic Not Boring Years 4–5 contains hundreds of inventive and inviting ready-to-use lessons based on captivating themes that invite the student to join an adventure, solve a puzzle, pursue a mystery or tackle a problem. Additionally, each fittingly illustrated exercise provides diverse tools for reinforcement and extension of basic and higher-order thinking skills.

Basic Not Boring Years 4-5 contains skills checklists and a skills test and answer key for each of the below topic areas.

- Reading Comprehension
- Words & Vocabulary
- Spelling, Grammar & Usage
- Writing
- Map Skills & Geography
- Science Skills
- Computation & Numbers / Problem-Solving
- Geometry & Measurement / Graphing, Statistics & Probability

The book contains over 200 exercises. Each exercise page addresses a specific basic skill or content area, presents tasks that grab the attention and curiosity of students, contains clear directions to the student, asks students to use, remember and practise a basic skill, challenges students to think creatively and analytically and requires students to apply the skill to real situations or content.

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