Basic Not Boring Set of 23

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Do basic skills have to be boring? Absolutely not! This set of 23 books uses exciting adventures and delightful characters to help teach fundamental skills and provide a foundation for learning.

The books address specific content areas, present tasks that grab the attention and curiosity of students, contain clear directions to the students, ask students to use, remember and practise basic skills and challenge students to becreative and analytical. The series covers the following learning areas:

  • General
  • Science
  • Maths
  • Literacy
  • Humanities

Each book contains a skills checklist, activities on the topic areas for the book and a skills test based on material learnt.

Two of the books contain solely tests: Middle Years Book of Social Studies Tests (INA4196) and Middle Years Book of Science Tests (INA4197). These two resources include only tests on the relevant topics and student and class progress charts to fill in results.


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