Basic Not Boring Series

Spelling 5-8

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This resource introduces middle years students to spelling. Each page invites the student to try appealing exercises which will help with a new skill, reinforce a skill or assess a student's performance or understanding. Students will develop an understanding about spelling, words and the way they function. The pages are written with the assumption that an adult will be available to assist the student with their learning and practice.

The book includes:

- Skills Checklist for Spelling
- 40 Skills Exercises
- 300+ Commonly Misspelt Words
- Words that Confuse
- Spelling Rules
- Spelling Skills Test & Answer Key

The skills exercises include the following:

- Commonly Misspelt Words
- Words With Double Letters
- Spelling Rule: I and E
- Exceptions to Spelling Rules
- Words With 'O'
- Silent Letters
- Words with GH & PG
- Prefixes
- Roots
- Special Endings
- Vowel Combinations
- Words That Look or Sound Similar
- Words of Foreign Origin
- Unusual Words
- Confusing Words
- Rearranging Letters
- Troublesome Small Words
- Big Words
- Proper Nouns
- Animal Names
- Words From Professions
- Active Words
- Food Words
- Words for Characterisation
- Words With Q
- Words With S
- Words With W
- Words With X
- Words With Y
 - Funny Words
- Correcting Misspelt Words  


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