Basic Not Boring Series

Spelling 3-5

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This resource introduces primary school students to spelling. Each page invites learners to try appealing exercises that will help students with a new skill, reinforce an existing skill or assess a student's performance or understanding. This is no ordinary fill-in-the-blanks way to learn. Students will cultivate skills in; recognising and using a variety of spelling rules, recognising skills and spelling words that follow patterns and recognising and spelling words that follow unusual rules.

The book includes:

- Basic Language Skills Checklist
- 46 Skills Exercises
- Spelling Skills Test & Answer Key

The skills exercises include the following:

- Words With Double Consonants
- Words With Confusing Consonants
- Words With Confusing Consonant Blends
- Words With Double Vowels
- Words With Silent 'e'
- Words With 'ie' or 'ei' Vowel Combination
- Words With Special Vowel Combinations: Ou
- Words With Special Vowel Combinations: Oa
- Words With Special Vowel Combinations: Ea
- Words With Special Vowel Combinations
- Words With Special Endings: er, or, ar
- Words With Special Endings: age, adge, edge, idge, udge
- Words With Special Endings: y and ey
- Words With Silent Letters
- Plural Nounds
- Verbs in the Past Tense
- Verbs With ing Endings
- Comparative Adjectives
- Words With Prefixes
- Words With Suffixes
- Homophones
- Compound Words
- Contractions
- Words Whose Spellings Are Easily Confused
- Words With S
- Words With O
- Words With Q
- Words With Q, X, Y or Z
- Big Words
- Small Words
- Proper Nounds - Frequently Misspelt Words
- Food Words - Number Words
- Animal Names - Identify Correctly Spelt Words
- Correct Spelling Errors in Writing - Some Words That Give Spellers Trouble


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