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Geometry and Measurement 5-8

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The activities in Geometry & Measurement are based on an Olympic theme, so students discover interesting facts about Olympic athletes from the first Olympic runners to Michael Johnson while they learn how to solve maths problems. Students will sharpen numerous skills, including how to: identify points, lines and planes, identify and name angles, identify properties and parts of a circle, determine the circumference of circles, identify similar and congruent figures, identify congruent triangles and other polygons, recognise and define space figures, identify and use units of measurement and find perimeter, area and volume.

The book includes:

- Skills Checklist for Geometry & Measurement
- 29 Skills Exercises
- Geometry & Measurement Skills Test & Answer Key

The skills exercises include the following:

- Points, Lines & Planes
- Kinds of Angles
- Kinds of Lines
- Kinds of Polygons
- Kinds of Triangles
- Kinds of Quadrilaterals
- Finding Perimeter
- Properties & Parts of Circles
- Circumference of Circles
- Similar and Congruent Figures
- Area of Quadrilaterals
- Area of Triangles
- Area of Trapezoids
- Area of Circles
- Congruent Angles
- Congruent Polygons
- Volume of Space Figures
- Volume of Pyramids and Prisims
- Units of Measurement
- Unit Conversions
- Units of Measure
- Measuring Length
- Finding Area & Perimeter
- Measurements of Weight, Statistics
- Measuring Volume
- Measuring Angles
- Estimating Measurements - Measuring Temperature
- Time Measurement  


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