Rebeka Eston Salemi

Rebeka Eston Salemi is a kindergarten teacher at the Lincoln School in Lincoln, Massachusetts. From the beginning of her career to the present she has firmly committed to being a classroom teacher who puts her students and their growing understandings and confidence at the heart of what she does.

While earning a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Lesley (College) University with a specialisation as an Elementary Mathematics Resource Personnel, Becky had the good fortune to meet Linda Schulman Dacey who served as her instructor and advisor and transformed her way of thinking about teaching and learning mathematics.

In pursuit of trying to develop her teaching of literacy skills with the same grounding as she had in mathematics, Becky became involved in Whole Language Teachers Association in Massachusetts. Her work with leaders such as Bobbi Fisher, Don Holdaway, Irene Fountas and countless others gave balance to her teaching and laid the foundation for the work she continues to this day, creating daily meaningful reading and writing opportunities for her young students.

Becky refocused her efforts on teaching mathematics when she became involved in several long-term NSF-funded projects such as 'Talking Mathematics', 'Teaching to the Big Ideas' (TBI), and 'Developing Mathematical Ideas' (DMI). When asked why she was interested in working on a book about Writing in Math, Becky cited her belief that even the youngest voices have powerful ideas to share and that giving these students the opportunities to pursue meaningful tasks, develop their own strategies, and find ways to share their thinking both aloud and on paper has been a perfect blend of what she values most in her teaching.

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