Student-Centered Assessment

By: Tammy Heflebower

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Assessing and communicating about student learning in accurate and student-focused ways is critically important to any standards-based learning environment. This involves setting goals and tracking progress using a variety of assessments, including obtrusive, unobtrusive, and student-generated assessments. Aligning assignments and assessments with proficiency scales allows teachers to assign scores that most accurately reflect what students know and are able to do. In this immediate impact session, Tammy Heflebower explains how to model the goal-setting process for students, provide strategies students can use to attain their goals, and then glean information from a variety of sources to determine summative grades.

  • Understand the different types of assessments
  • Discover strategies that can be used to help students set and attain goals
  • Learn how to most effectively involve students in tracking progress toward goals
  • Explore methods for scoring assessments, figuring grades, and celebrating student success
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