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The Power of Extreme Writing

By: Diana Cruchley

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ISBN: 9781760016012

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Publish Date: 27 November 2015

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Are your students excited about writing? Do you want them to be?

Do you want them to ask for more writing opportunities and assignments? Do you want them to engage in writing tasks more quickly and with more fluency?

The traditional five-step writing process never explicitly teaches students to be fluent in their writing – to be able to write quickly on any topic. Extreme Writing targets precisely that with focused, daily writing sessions that provide students with consistent, long-term engagement. It is designed to appeal to students in Years 4–8, and – best of all – the approach involves little extra work for you.

In The Power of Extreme Writing, author Diana Cruchley not only outlines the process but also describes what it looks like in the classroom, explain s how to assess student work and highlight more than a dozen unique inspirations that motivate students to write.

Extreme Writing: it’s fun, it’s fast and it works.

The Power of Extreme Writing is part of the ASCD Arias series of publications providing concise answers to challenging questions in a convenient format that you can read in one sitting and immediately put into practice. Arias books are the next-generation, immediate-need resources for everyone committed to the success of each learner.

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