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Real Engagement

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Publish Date: 27 November 2015

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Student following directions, dutifully completing assignments and quietly cooperating. For some teachers, this kind of compliance is a goal worth pursuing, but for you, it’s not enough. You want real engagement – a classroom filled with students who ask intriguing questions, immerse themselves in assignments, seek feedback on their performance and take pride in their progress. So even as you race to cover a demanding curriculum and address standards, you’re wearing yourself out searching for the hooks that will inspire your students and make them eager to learn.

It’s not that you’re not doing enough to motivate your students; it’s that you’re probably focusing on the wrong things.

In this book, Allison Zmuba and Robyn R. Jackson explain the four keys to real engagement: clarity, context, culture and challenge. Their smart, concrete strategies for improving classroom assignments, assessments and environments will help you create learning experiences that are rigorous, meaningful and rewarding for your students and yourself.

Real Engagement is part of the ASCD Arias series of publications providing concise answers to challenging questions in a convenient format that you can read in one sitting and immediately put into practice. Arias books are the next-generation, immediate-need resources for everyone committed to the success of each learner.

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