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03 - 03 Nov 2021

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An Introduction to Positive Psychology and the Weaving Well-Being Program

Nurturing students’ well-being is now more important than ever. In this webinar, Fiona Forman, former teacher and co-author of the Weaving Well-Being program, will show how Positive Psychology (the science of well-being) can provide an evidence-based framework for doing so. Fiona will also give an overview of the program, including independent research findings, and ideas for implementation. Weaving Well-Being is a multi-level mental health program for children aged 7-12. Each level introduces students to age-appropriate, child-centred skills drawn from the field of Positive Psychology. There will also be a question-and-answer session at the end of the webinar.


This webinar will be recorded and made publicly available 7–14 days after its conclusion.

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Access to Zoom may be restricted on some school computer networks, particularly the Education Queensland network. If you are having trouble registering for this event, please try on a device that is not connected to your school’s network.

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