Hidden Rules of Class at Work, Revised Edition

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Publish Date: 15 October 2018

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Are you fit for leadership? Will you get that promotion? Do you know the hidden rules at work? Whether you’re an executive, supervisor, manager, or employee, you possess a set of personal and professional resources. Whether you’re from poverty, wealth, middle class, or somewhere in between, you likely follow certain “hidden rules” based on resources that govern your choices, behaviours, relationships and more. They’re “hidden” because they are unspoken, and one social class typically doesn’t know or follow the rules of the other classes.

Businesses and organisations are often structured–intentionally or not–by a similar class hierarchy. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck where you are or that one is better than another. It simply means that understanding the hidden rules of each class will help you be a more successful leader or employee, create a more efficient team or company, and lead to greater workplace stability.

This book identifies what’s required and expected at each organisational level–and lays out the key mindsets, behaviours, and understandings each individual must bring to that level.

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