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From Vision to Action, Volume II: Best Practices to Reduce the Impact of Poverty in Communities, Education, Healthcare, and More

Author: Aha Process Inc

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ISBN: 9781760568627

No of Pages: 168

Publish date: 18/10/2019

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Poverty creates high-stress, unstable living conditions and, by definition, reduces access to resources and opportunities. While the number of people in poverty increases daily, so do the coordinated efforts of individuals, organisations and communities – a “Triple Lens” approach – to help people in poverty build resources, skills and new lives.

Creative and innovative models, methods and strategies – along with better cooperation among service providers, employers, educators and others – are revolutionising results in communities, employment, healthcare, the legal system and education. The great work being done is based on mutual respect for all involved, with everyone “at the table”.

As initiatives and momentum expand, leaders who have worked with the insights and resources of four aha! Process books – A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Bridges Out of Poverty, Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’ By World and Investigations into Economic Class in America – were asked to respond to three simple questions:

  • What was your challenge?

  • How did you meet the challenge?

  • What results did you get?

The authors of these peer-reviewed articles are truly catalysts for change. They represent shifting paradigms and changes in the way we work with those who are struggling to get ahead.