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Research-Based Strategies: Narrowing the Achievement Gap for Under-Resourced Students, Revised Edition

Author: Ruby Payne

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ISBN: 9781760566289

No of Pages: 344

Publish date: 02/10/2018

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An all-in-one guide to academic, behavioural, and community solutions! Varying levels of personal, social, and material resources can
create specific challenges for students, as well as for schools and
communities. Educators are key: Teachers are integral to the lives of
under-resourced young people who can and will achieve success if we understand
them – and understand how to guide and teach them. This revised edition of Research-Based Strategies helps us do
all that and more.

  • Easy-to-use:
    You choose the academic
    behavioural, or community concern or challenge. The book takes you quickly
    through 76 research-based strategies, their explanations, and related research

  • Flexible:
    Zero-in on one issue, or
    use the book as a general guide. Teachers may modify the techniques to best
    suit their circumstances. Most of these strategies are effective with any
    student, regardless of resources

  • Fast:
    An at-a-glance “menu” of
    challenges, strategies, and related research reduces your planning time and
    improves your effectiveness. Develop more immediate, reliable intervention
    strategies and address students’ challenges before they become overwhelming.

  • Effect
    statements about the precise, potential effect of each strategy.

  • Added
    effect of poverty:
    added effect of poverty reflects current research about how poverty reflects
    current research about how poverty impacts effect-size measurement.