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Under-Resourced Learners, Revised Edition: 8 Strategies to Boost Student Achievement

Author: Ruby Payne

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ISBN: 9781760564513

No of Pages: 216

Publish date: 02/11/2018

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Millions of school-age children in the US are under-resourced and
at risk of failure in school. Financial resources are important, but mental,
emotional, relational, parental and other key resources are vital to student

Under-Resourced Learners identifies resources all students need
and delivers proven, practical strategies for building up these resources for
every student in every school. Teachers and administrators will find a gold
mine of best practices and interventions that will change their classrooms and
change the minds and lives of their students.

You’ll discover new ways to:

  • assess student resources to determine the
    best strategies and interventions

  • build mental, language, relationship and
    other resources into your teaching

  • work more effectively with parents and
    community representatives

  • increase support systems for all students
    and their families

  • monitor every student’s progress and
    adjust efforts to increase student success.

This revised and updated edition includes a detailed study guide,
activities for teacher training, an all-new Strategy 8 and more. Perfect for F–12
teachers, staff, administrators and anyone interested in F–12 professional