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The R Rules: A Guide for Teens to Identify and Build Resources, Workbook – Revised Edition

Author: Elizabeth Souther

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ISBN: 9781760563196

No of Pages: 268

Publish date: 04/10/2018

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The more resources you can build up for yourself, the better your
chances of succeeding in the game of life. What kind of resources? Education,
relationships, connections, opportunities in your community, and your own problem-solving
and communication skills are resources that will give you more choices and
assist you in creating a better life and making a difference in the world.

What do you want to do, be, and have in the future? The R Rules is a resource that supports
students and teens in answering and acting on that question. This revised,
expanded, and updated edition expands the use of technology and online
activities and resources. Students will find tools and processes designed to
improve performance and the experience of schools, the workplace – and
life. Objectives, reflection, and assessment tools were created to enhance
teaching effectiveness for educators.

Students and teens learn to:

  • Create and manage a game plan for life.

  • Engage in teamwork; develop, organize, and
    manage projects.

  • Explore economic issues and their
    relationship to current and future pictures.

  • Recognize and use patterns to predict,
    problem-solve, and plan.

  • Develop “voice”, contribute, and become
    community leaders.