Removing the Mask

How to Identify and Develop Giftedness in Students from Poverty, Third Edition

By: Ruby Payne, Paul Slocumb, Ellen Williams

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Publish Date: 14 May 2021

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Rewarding giftedness, not just opportunity.

What’s wrong with gifted and talented programs across the nation? They’re underfunded, yes, but so are many other programs. The main flaw is that student selection is skewed toward those with greater resources and opportunities, particularly in the first five years of life. Students from poverty are under-represented because traditional assessments miss their gifts.

Toward equity and true representation of a school’s demographics.

What’s needed is an identification and assessment process that’s less dependent on vocabulary, the weak link for most students from poverty. The Slocumb-Payne solution is unique and proven to be successful: create a handicapping score to level the playing field, regardless of student resources or background. It helps schools test for the foundations of giftedness and create programs that allow all gifted students to reach their full potential.

Now your school can:

  • create a process to identify and develop giftedness in all demographic groups on campus
  • differentiate for gifted students from poverty to accelerate their learning
  • create and implement interdisciplinary units of study that enhance learning
  • eliminate barriers to participating in a gifted program caused by class-biased standardised tests
  • bring equity to selecting and greater effectiveness to teaching gifted students.

Removing the mask provides research that shows gifted children from poverty may respond or behave differently than children who come from more affluent backgrounds. Case studies illustrate how limited resources impact individual students’ academic achievement. When teachers look at children’s potential instead of their demonstrated achievement, they will discover the brightest and most creative minds in any classroom.

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